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Go-Fund-Me or Not?

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Go-Fund-Me or Not?

This past weekend, our family laid my aunt to rest after a brief illness. Although we were distraught, on the positive side, we were happy that she did not suffer for long, that her financial affairs were organized, her final expenses covered, and her final wishes executed.

It had me thinking, not only of my own mortality and that of everyone’s but also about how happy I am to be in the life insurance industry with the ability to help people protect their families and businesses.

A quick question for you: If you died unexpectedly would you have left funds for your family to take care of your final expenses? Would they have to cover your expenses with funds from their pockets or would they have to set up a Go-Fund-Me?

Don’t be caught off guard. Don’t let your family down or leave them in a stressful situation. While you have the opportunity, why not use it and take care of this important obligation?

Do you know how simple this is? We make it easy for you:

No medicals are required - no blood or urine tests!

Some insurance companies cover applicants with major health issues - Diabetes, Hypertension, and even Cancer (conditions apply).

Will you take care of this important obligation to your family?

After a short discussion, we can find out what your options are, and we can ensure your legacy is put in place.

Let’s talk.

Gloria Isaac

Independent Life Underwriter

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