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Thinking of Mom

In most countries, mothers are the backbone of the family and in a number of cases, they bring up their children singlehandedly. Balancing between work and family is no easy feat and sometimes the effort and sacrifice go unrecognized and unappreciated.

This balancing act, though underestimated, is of paramount importance to the upbringing of children, the molding of families, the creation of belief systems and family culture, and ultimately a great contributor to nation-building. Sometimes, it is when children become parents themselves that they realize what it took for their mothers to raise them.

As we look forward to celebrating Mother's Day on May 8, it is a great time to focus our minds on our mothers. Are there memories of your childhood that have remained with you into adulthood? Is your mother still alive? What type of relationship do you have with your mother? Have you been able to reconcile any differences, if any, with your mother? Was it your father who played the role of mother and father in your family? What are the most important lessons you learned from your mother figure?

Start planning how you will show your appreciation to your mother on Mother's Day. Will you give her a break from the kitchen? Will you take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant or try a new one? Will you send flowers? A gift? Take her to the theater? Is there something you know she would like to have or do? It is all up to you but now is the time to start thinking about it, order flowers and gifts to ensure early delivery, purchase event tickets and make bookings at the chosen restaurant.

Think about her today and make your plans.

Gloria Isaac

Independent Life Underwriter

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