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What do people say about life insurance?

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

It has been said, "Many people do not like life insurance but they love what life

insurance does!" How true is this? Very true, from my experience.

Jamaica! My country of birth! Jamaicans have come a long way in its acceptance of life insurance and what it can do for their families. I remember when growing up, individuals would hide from life insurance agents, no-show for set appointments, thinking they had outsmarted the agents without realizing that they were the ones who stood to lose. Jamaicans have come a very long way. From the 1970s /1980s Jamaicans have been more accepting of life insurance...they understand the concept, they know what it can do for individuals, their families and businesses, and are receptive to recommendations made by agents.

Some think that life insurance covers only death, but there are many benefits covered during one’s lifetime. It provides a competitive way of leaving a legacy for your family, but that is not all that it does.

What else can life insurance do? It can

* supplement retirement income, tax-free

* replace the income of a breadwinner

* pay for children's education

* fund the continuation of a business

* pay off a mortgage on one’s death

* ensure one does not outlive their income

* ensure that burial and final expenses are paid without the family having to cover those


* allow gifting to a favorite charity

* fund long term care

An agent would be able to explain the benefits in more details and advise on the suitability based on your circumstances.

Think more of what life insurance can do for you, your family and your business. Don't just love what life insurance does, but also love life insurance itself. Remember that life insurance agents are there to help you organize your financial portfolio. Talk with one today.

Gloria Isaac

Independent Life Underwriter

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